Our Services

Our focus is to train and coach Olympic Weightlifters, Power Lifters, and Super Total Competitors.

We do this in small group and individual settings.

We offer the following:

  • Team training at a total of 10 different potential class times during the week
  • One on one training sessions set up individually
  • Individualized programming focused on the athlete’s specific developmental needs
  • Informal nutrition counseling (macro-based) for weight loss or weight gain
  • Competition coaching at the local, national, and international level
  • Financial assistance for athletes traveling to national and international meets
  • Workshops and seminars featuring some of the nation’s leading experts in weightlifting and coaching (cost not included in membership)
  • Team functions including athlete BBQs and gatherings.

Get strong.

My clean and jerk has gotten so much stronger since i started working with Eastside Barbell. My all around health is better, I’m getting stronger, and I have an amazing team to support me.

K. M.

Call Us if you want to be part of it: 541-583-0219