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We are a club comprised of weightlifters from diverse backgrounds and ages 12-72, who all share a love for weightlifting. We currently have approximately 40 athletes, including about 8 remote athletes, so we are not actively recruiting for more members. We are also now welcoming members interested in Powerlifting and Super Total the combination of the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench and deadlift.

To be considered, you must meet the following team requirements:


  • Compete in one meet per year
    • Includes intra-squad, inter-squad, and developmental meets
  • Follow team programming
  • Become or maintain a current USAW member within one month of joining
  • Become a USAW Local Referee within six months of joining
  • Train a minimum of three of five scheduled training days per week
  • Work at least ONE MEET per year

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Eastside Barbell is committed to advancing athletes, coaches, technical officials, and meet directors. We will reimburse you for the following:

  • USAW Coaches
    • Sport Performance 1 ($100)
    • Sports Performance 2 ($100)
  • USAW Referee
    • Local (LWC) or National Referee ($25)
  • Local and National Meet Operations
    • Learn how to meet coach athletes
    • Learn technical positions such as referee, marshal, technical controller, timer, and announcer.

New Inquiry Form

Team requirements:
* Compete in 1 meet a year (includes developmental meets)
* USAW membership before first competition
* Attend practice regularly (3-4 times per week)

Get strong.

Although I’ve only been with the team at ESB for a few months, coming from a 10 year history of masters competition experience, I can say without hesitation that the coaching is thoughtful, goal oriented and most of all involves a strong two way communication between athlete and coach. The community is awesome and the facility is top notch, you won’t find a better equipped weightlifting gym in the PNW.

Mira K.

Co-Founder -Owner / Strength Coach, Industrial Strength

Call Us if you want to be part of it: 541-583-0219