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Eastside Barbell is Eugene-Springfield’s premier facility for Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Training, and Power Lifting.

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We are interested in athletes of all abilities to help us create the best training environment in the area. Contact us for an interview to join.


We followed the mantra: “if you build it, they will come.” We recognized the void of a dedicated, state of the art training center for Olympic Weightlifting—and we decided to fill it. We are sure you will love to train here.

Our Coaches

We live, eat, and breathe Olympic Weightlifting. Our focus is to train competitors, and we employ well-proven methodologies to maximize potential in sport. We travel locally, nationally, and internationally to coach our athletes.

Schedule / Events

We offer multiple coached sessions daily and weekly. Check the calendar to see the training times we offer. We also offer 24/7 key fob access for our athletes to train independently, when their schedules do not allow them to attend classes, or when they have additional work to do.

What is Olympic Weightlifting? 

Olympic Weightlifting, AKA “Weightlifting,” is a sport of strength and athleticism that is contested at the Olympic Games.  It involves training to perfect the two contested lifts: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  The snatch is a movement in which the lifter moves the barbell from ground to overhead in one continuous lightning-fast movement, with a wide grip and locked out overhead, typically in a full squat position.  From start to finish, the snatch takes a little over 1 second to complete in its entirety.  The clean and jerk is a 2-part movement, first involving “cleaning” the bar from floor to chest, then “jerking” the bar overhead to a locked-out position.  Both lifts must be done to well-defined technical standards to be “good lifts” in competition.  Each lifter gets 3 attempts to establish a maximum for each lift, and then is awarded a “total” of the greatest weight completed in each lift.  Competition takes place at local, regional, national and international events, and at Youth, Junior, Senior, and Masters levels.  It is a sport accessible to people of all ages.

Olympic Weightlifting has also been identified as one of the best comprehensive disciplines to improve sports performance in virtually any sport which requires strength, speed, power, and athleticism.  It is widely integrated into training programs for most other major sports because of this.  It is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in its own right, thanks to many being introduced to the sport through the sport of CrossFit™.


“Eastside Barbell is my home away from home. I can’t say enough good things about the coaching, the facility, and just the overall environment here. I absolutely love training with the Eastside Crew.”


“I love that the coaching is slow and deliberate. The coaches focus on you, sometimes more than I like but that’s how I’m learning. Their deliberate and intentional coaching is something I didn’t realize I was getting. The positive energy that all the gym members share is really rewarding. I am so glad my best friend convinced me to give it a try.”

Jina O.

“The Eastside Barbell coaches are fantastic. I feel myself getting stronger while improving technique after each workout. I feel very lucky to have coaches that care so much and pour their heart and soul into each member and each session. As a former U of O Football player, I can honestly say their workouts are challenging and strategic in nature. They work to dial in technique and increase power at the same time. Thank you for all you do!”

Spencer S.